RTG Records

RTG Records was founded in 1991 in Bronx, New York by Deacon Watts when he expanded his hobby of gospel into a full-time business. Deacon Watts had professionally been involved in gospel music for over 30 years prior to starting RTG Records. The year of 2002, marked acknowledgement of Deacon Watts’ involvement within gospel music as he was awarded by the AGQC with the American Gospel Quartet Achievement Award for all of the hard work and dedication he’s put forth to ensure the success and future of the gospel genre. Currently, our catalog consists of various artist, ranging from the legends of traditional gospel to the young guns who have ensured gospel music will continue to grow and survive throughout the many years to come. Our diverse roster makes us one of the top record companies within the gospel genre. We proudly produce music by the legendary Jay Caldwell and The Gospel Ambassadors, The Soul ConvertersDarrell McFadden and The Fantastic Disciples. We also have the ladies in gospel such as The Hill Sisters, Sister Lois Giles, and the newest member of the RTG familyJuanita Fletcher. You can find these artists appearing throughout the united states at innumerable venues this coming year. They’ve also been featured on several prestigious local television and radio shows across the united states. This year, RTG Records has continued to prove its track record within the industry by having several songs stay at the top of the singles charts and have albums on the album charts for many consecutive months at a time. We’re dedicated to serving our clients through superior service, personal attention to detail, and a high degree of pride in the finished product. The satisfaction of our clients has always been, and will always continue to be, our number one priority. We are proud to be associated with our artists and look forward to bringing you the best in gospel music!

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